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Blockchain & Finance

The purpose of this module is to make the parallel between financial management models with opposite values: Bitcoin vs Banking system, DeFi vs traditional financial system. Blockchain, with its P2P transactions, brings a new way of exchanging value and this is already impacting our vision of central banks and the economic management of our states.

Blockchain & Business

Apart from finance, Blockchain is also a technology that allows services to evolve thanks to its secure information exchange system. For example, it improves the traceability of products and thus solves traceability problems. The reliability of this task history is particularly important in a globalized market.

Blockchain & Organisation

How to create active groups that include all project stakeholders? Thanks to smart contracts, we can create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to enable the automatic application of rules and protocols. To engage each member, the distribution of network tokens allows users to protect the network and vote on governance rules.

Digital transition: From Web2 to Web3